Identify, Convert, Profit - Using Internet Marketing and Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization

Stand out from the rest of the crowd by being found easily in the search engines. Experience has proven that visitors from natural means tend to convert at a higher rate than paid visitors. SEO practices include:
  • Review of your site content and/or structure
  • Technical advice on website development
  • Content development
  • Keyword research
  • Link building

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay for visitors from search engines, advertising networks and content websites, including blogs, MySpace and Gmail. Bid only on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. Advantages include:
  • Site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads
  • Local, national, and international distribution
  • Immediate results
  • Help you build brand awareness
  • Pay only for interested customers who actually visit your website

Web AnalyticsWeb Analytics

Web analytics gives you the information that you need to improve your website's return on investment, increase conversions and make more money. Web analytic information includes:
  • How people found your website
  • Track visitors through your website
  • Know the keywords that referred your visitors
  • Find who your biggest traffic drivers are (other referring websites)
  • Top landing pages that lead to increased conversions

Social and Viral MarketingSocial and Viral Marketing

Social marketing consists of using professional networking websites to help build brand awareness and build a following of loyal supporters. Viral marketing is a more in-depth, time-intensive method of driving people to your website.
  • Social marketing includes: LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube
  • Viral marketing includes: Delicious, Digg and Technorati
  • Brand awareness and loyal supporters drive traffic and support
  • This level of effort requires dedication and time; however,
  • The rewards can be immeasurable with this type of marketing

Press Releases and Public RelationsPress Releases and Public Relations

Using press releases as an effective tool for online reputation management is something that companies have often overlooked. When something negative happens or is said about your company, don't just try to sweep it under the rug.
  • Own up to the problem
  • Talk about how you worked to resolve the issue
  • Document the steps you took to right the wrong
  • Don't be afraid!
  • Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity

Website and Application DevelopmentWebsite and Application Development

We can give you the plans you need to increase the profit from your website but what good would that do without being able to implement the plans? Our website development team is well-experienced with the special needs of Internet marketing development.
  • Experienced in: PHP, ColdFusion, Classic ASP, ASP.NET
  • All websites built to be managed using a content management system
  • Custom web applications are one of our specialities
  • We build the apps that other marketing companies use for their clients
  • We provide hosting and email services recommendations as well

Kandi M. Humpf (kandi111777) Tork Marketing Who Am I?  Kandi Humpf's professional career may best be described as diverse. As a customer service representative, secretary, copy writer, operations manager, corporate client advocate, website developer, and technologist she has developed a rare skill set that allows her to help businesses understand and use the Internet to their advantage.
Today, Kandi works through her corporation, Tork Marketing, which offers a variety of services to both small and large businesses and organizations. These include:
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)
  • Social Media Consulting and Development
  • Web Analytics Analysis
  • Online Reputation Management
  • New & Existing Website Design and Development

In addition, Kandi is writing articles for Search Engine Journal and is well on her way to becoming an industry leader in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. While some people don't practice what they preach, Kandi is an avid blogger and participates in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Digg, Squidoo, and many more. In her spare time she reads, plays time management games and works on her personal website, K Squared.

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