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Coffee Shops Near Utica, New York

How to find coffee shops near Utica, New York, can be very difficult. Especially if you're looking for one that offers outdoor seating and wifi. Coffee shops seem to have overlooked the power of the Internet. If you do a search on Google for "coffee shops near utica new york" the majority of the results are Dunkin' Donuts. I did not find one single result for an actual website powered by a coffee shop. There were plenty of directories though.

As we all know, summer in central New York only lasts about two months so we are always looking for ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather. So, below is a list of the coffee shops near Utica, New York, that my friends and I like to hang out at.

Name of Coffee Shops near Utica, NY

Outdoor Eating?



Favorite Meal?

Cafe Florentine Yes
  • Yes
  • Secure
Driving Directions from Google Maps - Please note the "The Orchard" does not show up on Google Maps yet so the buildings are missing. Regular Coffee; Chicken Caesar Wrap; Chocolate Cake
Mojo'z Yes
  • Yes
  • Secure - need to ask for key Dark Roast Coffee; Chicken Caesar Wrap; Oreo Cake
Cafe Domenico Yes
  • Not sure
Driving Directions from Google Maps Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans; Baklava
The food at Cafe Florentine is the best; however, the outdoor action at Mojo'z is the best. I love sitting in the village of Clinton. My best friend, Denise Valdes, has got me completely hooked. We love watching the people walking by with the baby strollers and their dogs. Sometimes there is live music on the "Green". My biggest complaint about the food at Mojo'z is that it's inconsistent. The dark roast coffee is different depending on who makes it and each employee has their own definition of extra cream and extra sugar.

Cafe Florentine has the best food and the best service around! However, it's situated in the middle of an outdoor shopping complex so there is never anybody walking around, just driving by. I will go out of my way to buy their coffee and the Godiva chocolate cake is amazing!

If you would like to recommend coffee shops near Utica, please send me a contact. If it's close enough to Utica, my friends and I will check it out. We like patronizing coffee shops near Utica as a way to boost local business and show our gratitude for people that work hard to stay local!
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