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Increase Natural Traffic for Blue Sky Adventures

To increase natural traffic for Blue Sky Adventures, K2 made sure that all meta information was unique. In addition, we know that on-site content plays a big enough part to increase natural traffic so we wrote each page with a consistent theme and usable information. In order to increase natural traffic by more than 100 percent from the same time period the year before, we knew that our information had to be accurate, up-to-date and engaging. A side benefit of following these simple rules is that we decreased the bounce rate by more than 30 percent. Below are screenshots from Google Analytics that show the difference in values from July 2007 and July 2008.

Increase natural traffic from search engines by more than 100 percent for Blue Sky Adventures.

Increase Natural Traffic to Your Website

  • Google's search engine sent 130.99% more visitors to Blue Sky Adventures website during July 2008 than compared to July 2007.

  • Yahoo's search engine and Live's search engine sent an even 100% more visitors.

  • MSN's search engine sent 150% more visitors.

  • Referrals from stayed pretty level with an 8.57% increase.

  • Referrals from also stayed level with a 3.45% increase.

Increase natural search engine traffic

Increase Natural Search Engine Traffic

  • Overall visits were up 11.5%.

  • Average pageviews were level with a slight increase of 0.41%.

  • Average pages per visit were down approximately 9.94%; however, the average pages per visit was still between six and seven which is considered a successful visit for Blue Sky Adventures.

  • As discussed above, the bounce rate is down 34.6%. We believe this is because our information is accurate, up-to-date and engaging.

  • The average time on site stayed pretty level with a slight increase from 3 min. 25 sec. to 3 min. 42 sec.

  • The percentage of new visits is down 5.26% and that is ordinary in this industry. Before people actual make the decision to "jump out of a perfectly good airplane" they need to feel confident with the dropzone that they've chosen.

Increase Natural Organic Search Traffic

In July 2008, nine visitors submitted the form on the Contact Us page. This is a 200% increase from July 2007. When you try to increase natural traffic, the goal is conversions. Make sure that you always keep the end goal in mind when trying to increase natural traffic.

Increase natural organic search traffic

Increase Natural Traffic by Using Local Searches

Utilizing the local searches offered by Google and other search engines is a sure-fire way to increase natural traffic. Especially those industries that are based in a specific geographic location, can reap great benefits when it comes to searchers using geographic modifiers in their search terms. Remember, the key to increase natural traffic is to know your customer.

Increase natural traffic by using local searches
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