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Keyword Selection for Blue Sky Adventures

Keyword Selection for Increased Conversions

Keyword selection for increased conversions is extremely important. Just because you use a specific term to relate to your products, doesn't mean that your customers use the same phrase.

Keyword Selection Tools

The best way to begin your keyword selection is to start with inside employees, repeat customers and anyone else that is involved with your business. Then use some of the free on-line tools, such as Google’s Keyword Tool or SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool to determine if your choice is the correct keyword selection for increased conversions.

Keyword Selection Strategy

You've probably heard the term "long-tail" keyword selection for increased conversions. According to the Search Engine Guide Blog "…the terms that are most popular, most managed by site owners, are rarely those that provide the most business."

If you look at the keyword selection strategy list below, you’ll see that the keyword selection for increased conversions, was not one of their top ten primary keywords; however, it was one of the primary keywords with an additional modifier. In this case, the keyword selection for increased conversions, was a geographic modifier.
Keyword Selection
Click on each column header to sort the data to fit your needs.

Keyword SelectionVisitsPages Per VisitAverage Time on SiteBounce RateThank You For Contacting Us
sky dive near syracuse ny12200:16:330.00%100.00%
skydiving syracuse1900:13:090.00%100.00%
skydiving new york hamilton21200:13:3150.00%50.00%
skydive cny2700:09:5250.00%50.00%
skydiving central ny8500:03:4312.50%0.00%
skydiving in central new york7500:02:520.00%0.00%
reserve repack calculator7100:00:2442.86%0.00%
skydiving central new york51500:12:160.00%0.00%
cny skydiving5400:07:2220.00%0.00%
skydiving in central ny5800:02:5840.00%0.00%
skydiving in cny41000:07:070.00%0.00%
sky diving in syracuse ny4500:02:000.00%0.00%
central ny skydiving31000:04:500.00%0.00%
hamilton skydiving3200:01:0733.33%0.00%
sky diving central new york2700:03:160.00%0.00%
skydiving in hamilton21000:02:440.00%0.00%
skydiving in northern new york22600:11:5650.00%0.00%
skydiving hamilton new york2300:08:1250.00%0.00%
skydive syracuse ny2100:00:0550.00%0.00%
repack calculator2100:00:00100.00%0.00%
skydiving 1320514000:24:340.00%0.00%
skydiving hamilton new york1800:13:290.00%0.00%
experienced jumpers must have d licence12500:09:360.00%0.00%
hamilton skydiving new york11100:07:070.00%0.00%
sky dive syracuse1500:06:440.00%0.00%
skydiving 131181800:04:400.00%0.00%
skydive new york central11300:04:270.00%0.00%
skydiving + central new york1600:03:320.00%0.00%
central new york sky diving hamilton1300:02:420.00%0.00%
central ny skydiving1300:02:410.00%0.00%
hamilton new york skydiving1500:02:220.00%0.00%
cny sky diving1600:02:170.00%0.00%
hamilton airport skydiving1300:02:100.00%0.00%
first time skydiving11300:01:480.00%0.00%
skydiving in new york1600:01:210.00%0.00%
landing flares skydiving1500:01:200.00%0.00%
skydiving cny1700:01:200.00%0.00%
skydiving deporte extremo1200:01:070.00%0.00%

Keyword Selection and Research

As you see above, keyword selection and research can be extremely important for increased conversions because you have to get inside the mind of your visitors. If the keyword selection tools show many different variations, build a separate page for each top phrase. Best seo keyword selection practices dictate that you only assign one primary keyword selection to each page; however, you can use as many variations or add-on modifiers as appropriate.

Don't let the phrase "keyword selection" scare you, with proper reserch and useful tools, your keyword selection process should be fun and educational. The keyword selection process can offer valuable insight into your customer's buying process.
Keyword Selection for Increased Conversions Keyword Selection Strategy
*Interesting Note: The primary keyword selection for this page is "keyword selection". The secondary keyword selections for this page are "keyword selection for increased conversions", "keyword selection tools", "keyword selection strategy" and "keyword selection and research". According to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, the competition for "keyword selection" is very high; however, the search volume is increasing. The average search volume is 2,900 searches per month but in the month of July, searches increased by 86% to 5,400 searches.
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