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The Misconception of SEO and Appearing on the First Page of Google

What is the misconception of search engine optimization (seo) and appearing on the first page of Google? For those of you that don't know, I have a best friend named Denise Valdes. She asked me, "How do you make someone's name come up on the first page of Google?"

When I asked her to elaborate, she asked if it was something in the code on the webpage that caused a website to come up on the first page of Google when we searched for her name. I looked at her for a moment and thought how do I answer that?

Short answer? No! Long answer is that showing up on the first page of Google should be a secondary goal. The primary goal should be providing value to your visitors. Your Google results should follow naturally.

Value Determines SEO Rankings but What Determines Value?

#1 - Value is determined by the market and industry. What keeps people coming back? Do you constantly update your content to keep up to date? People don't want to read content that's been around for years.

Example: I asked her what website does she visit often and she answered Woot. I asked her why? She said because she knows that everyday there will be something different for her to look at. She also likes Woot's Wine Website because they not only offer wine but they also offer gifts for wine lovers.

Social Networking and SEO

#2 - Social Networking. Who is doing what? Denise frequents because on her homepage it automatically tells her what her "friends" are up to, just like a newsfeed. It gives her a chance to see what her friends are doing without committing to having a conversation with that person.

Search Engine Opimization is not Rocket Science

#3 - Search engine optimization is not rocket science; it's labor-intensive and you have to be able to follow the directions. Google's Webmaster Tools is a great place to start. They give you very clear directions on how to create a great website. Don't forget your primary goal by getting caught up in the misconceptions of seo. The primary goal should always be website visitors.
Misconception of SEO and Appearing on the First Page of Google
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