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Aerospace Bearings - Aircraft, High Precision, Aeronautic, Components

Aerospace Bearings
  • Aerospace bearings, including aircraft bearings and high precision aeronautic components, are available from Pacamor Kubar Bearings. Contact PKB now at 866-902-4998 or through their Contact Us page.

  • PKB's ISO9001:2000, AS9100:2004 and FAA TSO-C149 certified manufacturing facility is located in Troy, New York.

  • Aerospace bearings must be extremely reliable under extreme conditions.

  • Aerospace bearings systems can be found in manned or unmanned, as in aerospace flight systems, or private aircraft.

Aircraft Bearings

Aircraft Bearings

  • Aircraft bearings must perform flawlessly and are not always easily accessible for routine maintenance.

  • High precision aeronautic components must be high quality and reliable.

  • The most desired manufacturing company should have the flexibility to respond quickly to your aerospace bearing needs and should have plenty of experience.

  • Uncompromising quality is the motto of Pacamor Kubar Bearings.

High Precision Aerospace Bearings

  • PKB offers high precision oem and replacement miniature ball bearings for commercial, private and military aircraft and aerospace systems.

  • PKB also offers precision miniature ball bearings used in aircraft instruments, aerospace guidance and navigation systems, and fuel control systems.

  • Their uncompromising reliability allows PKB to respond to a large demand for precision miniature and instrument ball bearings, such as those found in small satellites used for communications, such as worldwide telephone service and for data transmittal services.

  • Don't forget about solar arrays for satellite systems need precision miniature and instrument ball bearings as well.

Aerospace Bearing Components

Aerospace Bearing Components

  • Pacamor Kubar Bearings offers a multitude of ball bearing technology, such as stainless steel Crown, two-piece Ribbon, Torlon (polyamide-imide), and Phenolic.

  • All of their aerospace bearings and aircraft bearings are manufactured from 440c stainless steel, the preferred choice for all high precision miniature metric and instrument bearings.

  • 440c stainless steel is preferred under adverse environmental conditions because of its corrosion resistance.

  • It also provides a highly-finished honed surface for long lasting structure for aerospace bearings made of 440c stainless steel silicon nitride ceramic or titanium carbide coated 440c.

  • This allows the aerospace bearing or aircraft bearing to rotate smoothly at a variety of oscillating or rotating speeds.

ISO9001:2000, AS9100:2004 and FAA TSO-C149

  • PKB produces their aerospace bearings to meet every ABEC tolerance as defined by the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. These ABEC tolerances are standard grades of precision with established tolerances for size and geometric accuracy.

  • These standards are known as ABEC classes as set by the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee of the American Bearing Manufacturer's Association (ABMA). These standards are also accepted by (ANSI) American National Standards Institute and by international agreement for the standards developed by (ISO) International Organization of Standardization.

  • The ABEC scale is a system of rating the manufacturing tolerance of precision bearings. The system was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Council (ABEC), a division of the American Bearing Manufacturers' Association ABMA).

  • Bearings rated under the ABEC systems are typically called "precision bearings", with a rating or class from 1 to 9. ABEC 1 meets a looser tolerance and ABEC 9 meets high precision tight bearing tolerances.

  • ABEC class is not to be confused with radial play, which is discussed under that section of our website. They are also able to meet all DFARS domestic manufacturing requirements for application relating to military and defense contracts.
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